Have you ever wondered if there could be more to the run-of-the mill pizza? Look no further; GOOD PIZZA Alexandria sports an entirely original menu. At Good Pizza we combine contemporary local ingredients and techniques with traditional methods. We Hand stretch dough, 24hr proving and of course cook in a wood-fire oven. The result is achieving the old meets the new, culminating together deliciously in an alluring synthesis of worlds.

Situated on Botany Road in Alexandria, GoodPizza is a highly-anticipated pizzeria with a breath of fresh air. It takes pride with its contemporary take on artisan wood fired pizza. The staff carefully select the best ingredients and expertly hand-stretch the dough. Flavours are infused with wood fire oven cooking but with a modern take in new and innovative flavors to entice the most discerning taste.

“I first came up with the concept of GoodPizza when I noticed that all the pizza restaurants of note in Sydney had a lot of similarities in their menus – everyone else is essentially competing to make the better Margherita. It’s been done.

Conversely, any pizza place that tries something new does so without respect to the old-school elements that make it good. Some of the dishes I’ve seen plated up would be an insult to the creators of pizza in Napoli. To ignore something that has been honed and perfected across 500+ years is just stupid.” – Owner and head chef Alex Pisani.


“…everyone else is essentially competing to make the better Margherita. It’s been done.”


Good pizza prides itself on paying homage to the traditional foundations of pizza while stepping out of the boundaries to experiment and create some delightful dishes. This includes several vegetarian and vegan options that stand up brilliantly to their meat and cheese topped counterparts.

“We create vegan dishes that hold up full flavour and texture on their own, not just a main meal with the protein element removed. Our confit is our flagship example of that. It includes thinly sliced kipfler potatoes, confit garlic and fennel, with fresh fennel tops. It’s full of texture and flavour, and doesn’t feel like it needs some dairy or meat to become a meal.”

Backed by more than 10 years of expertise in the business, Good Pizza delights its dining and take away customers with a wide array of flavors catering to Alexandria, Rosebery, CBD and Inner west. Its premium contemporary take on an all-time favorite is taken even further by specialty selections for vegetarian and vegan customers of Good Pizza. End your meal on a sweet note with interesting options for a dessert pizza.

It’s time for you to have a Good Pizza.


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